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Upgrade remote control tripod work light

Nov 11, 2019

Upgrade remote control tripod work light

When the sun goes down, it is no longer the time to be forced to leave. With this tripod LED light, you will be able to easily light up the entire workspace. JGL tripod work light Simple and practical design, classical and exquisite appearance;easily and quickly deploy these lights ,extend them to 1.85m.

Model                                           5JG-RLS859

Rated Power                                 Rated 108  Watt

Brightness                                      Rated 10000lm

Running time (High)                          6 hours

Running time (Middle)                      12 hours

Running time (Low)                          22 hours

Charging time                                  8 hours

Tripod work light Suitable for camping, outdoor party and emergency illumination, also commonly using for commercial applications like factory illumination and construction site illumination.

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