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Rechargeable Led Work Light

Dec 18, 2018

Rechargeable Led Work Light

Even during the day, the natural light of the sun is not always available. There are specific places on the site (such as indoors and basements) where light can't reach through. At night, these LED lights are necessary.

Rechargeable COB Work Light 15W 3.7V that is perfect for working in narrow, tight spaces and provides light up to 1600 lumen.

Handle is Stand --- Unique 180° rotating two in one design of the stand, portable and lightweight work light, easy to carry or put onto the ground with the stand or hanging.

3 lighting modes---High, Low, and Flashing for emergency situation, the best gear for a ROADSIDE EMERGENCY or send an SOS when need HELP in the wild.

Power Bank Function --- Built in high quality Lithium Battery with standard USB port charges mobile or other devices conveniently.

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