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Portable Rechargeable Job Site Work Lights

Nov 06, 2019

Portable Rechargeable Job Site Work Lights

Job Site Work Lights provides bright, hands-free general lighting for  areas where natural light or existing fixtures are insufficient.Also known as work lights, they can be free-standing or mounted temporarily to provide sufficient light where needed.They are commonly used for building, maintenance and repair of workplaces.

Why JGL Job Site Work Lights is your best choice.

★The case is made of high strength plastic, with good waterproof technology, making the system wear-resisting, waterproof, dust-proof, anti-static, impact and corrosion resistant.

The lighting system can be disassembled and assembled simply and quickly,convenient transportation.

★It is powered by a battery that can be used for repeated cycle charging. It does not require a generator, and is energy-saving, efficient, environmentally friendly, and noise-free.

★The light is composed of high brightness LED lamps, which ensure low energy consumption, high reliability and long life of the system, the life of which is more than 50,000 hours.

★The light has  high, middle, low ,SOS model, convenient for search and rescue and emergency lighting.Easy access to any area.

★LCD power display function of lamps and lanterns, low power sound reminder function, convenient arrangement of scheduled working time.

★With SUB output port, you can charge digital products such as mobile phones and cameras that need to be recharged in the wild.

▬Rate Power CREE LED 40W*2

▬Rate Brightness 2500 (Low) 5000 (High)
▬ Capacity Sealed 24Ah
▬Working Time High 5H  low 20H
▬Beam Spread 360 Degrees
▬ Dual USB power adapter
▬4 meter cordless leads
▬Mass Height: 78.74" (2 m)
▬Head Size:7" * 5.6" * 3.6" Inch
▬Waterproof  IP×5
▬Case Size 21.9"*13.7"*9.8"
▬Weight 22Kg

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