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New design light 65w brightest handheld spotlight

Mar 07, 2019

New design light 65w brightest handheld spotlight

Light up your work area with the brightest handheld spotlight.

Why choose JGL brightest handheld spotlight?

1.Perfect Heat dissipation Technology

2.Cigarette Lighter and Rechargeable Dual-Use,cigarette plug for easy connection to vehicle and equipment power sources.

3.LIGHTWEIGHT: Despite its power, it only weighs 0.76Kg
4.3 MODES: (high / middle / low ) - perfect spotlight for all situations

5.EASY TO CHARGE: Low maintenance LED lifespan of 50,000 hours, a charging time of just 3 hours.

6.Not only does this portable flashlight look great, it packs a punch with 65W of power producing 6500 lumens.

This brightest handheld spotlight is a powerful and rugged design for hunting, utilities, emergency, industrial/commercial and military/enforcement applications.

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