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New Arrival 600 Watt Portable Led Light Towers

Mar 19, 2020

New Arrival 600 Watt Portable Led Light Towers

There are many different reasons why you should consider buying a portable LED lighthouse instead of a traditional lighthouse. The main reason is that portable LED lighthouses are more durable than traditional lighthouses, providing high power and extreme portability in a compact and durable design.

 Benefit Of JGL Portable Led Light Towers

- Highly efficient LED Light heads and driver deliver a powerful 60000 lumens at only 600W power consumption.

-4.5M height from small ground footprint. Provides excellent illumination of large areas requiring temporary lighting

-This Portable Led Light Towers sets up in seconds , easy transportation and storage. 

-The user simply loosens the locking clamps on the telescoping tower, extends it to the desired height, and then retightens the clamps to lock it into position.

- Portable Led Light Towers can operate on current ranging from 90 to 305VDC without any modifications necessary as a result. 

Portable Led Light Towers normally used for night construction and other field operation in the sectors of municipal engineering, road, bridge, port, mining and construction etc. Meanwhile, it also used on the occasion of night rush repairs and disaster relief site.

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