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Smart Safety Case
  • Smart Safety Case
  • Smart Safety Case
  • Smart Safety Case
  • Smart Safety Case
  • Smart Safety Case

IOT Technology Durable Waterproof Safety Case

Safety Case consist of three parts: Fingerprint system, Mobile APP, and a complete set of article supervision system.

TYPE-C USB external charging, Micro USB internal charging.

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    IOT Hard Case 44341
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    5-7 days
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    Huangpu Guangzhou
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Product Details

IOT Technology Durable Waterproof Safety Case


★Safety Case is the high-end area concerned with safeguarding connected devices and networks in the internet of things , which is a long-term goal that our company is committed to provide smart safety case with IOT technology  to customers at anywhere.
★There is 14 functions of Security Case  --Fingerprint encryption,Touch screen ,Password encryption  , APP monitoring, Network monitoring , Location tracking, Logging , User management , Displace alarm , Defence, Time lock , Area lock , Remote lock and Authorization unlock .
★Any customers could manage and monitor through IOS or Android app . By using this app, you will receive real-time notifications of events and abnormalities, get full access to usage statistics, and be able to enforce  security management of cases.


★Processor: International first-Line brand M3 Cors low electricity consume and high-performance processor.

★Screen: Resistive 16bit color touch screen, 320*240 resolution.

★Fingerprint recognition: inductive fingerprint recognition.

★Positioning method: cellsite positioning,GPS positioning.

★Card type: MicroSIM card, support Quan-band 850/900/1800/1900 MHZ IOT Card.

★Bluetooth: Low power consumption Bluetooth 4.0.

★Management Level:  Administrator and ordinary users.

★Storage users: up to 20.

★Single user fingerprint amount: up to 3.

★Unpacking/Login Record: keep one month out of the box/login record.

★Battery: 3.7V polymer lithium battery, 600mAH, free replacement.

★Standby time: > 100 hours.   

★Waterproof  IP67, shockproof, and dustproof

★Manual pressure equalization valve-balances interior pressure, keeps water out

★Conditional lifetime guarantee

★Retractable extension handle

★Comfortable rubber over-molded top and side handles 

Safety Case

Durable Safety CaseSmart Safety Case

IOT Technology Safety CaseSafety Case

Waterproof IP67-IEC60529 edition 2.2 Clause 13.6 and clause 14.2.7

Impact resistance test - ATA300 revision 8.0 B-2-5

Immersion test - MIL-STD-810 F Notice 3 method 512.4

Low temperature test - IEC60068-2-1 Sixth edition

High temperature test- IEC60068-2-2  Fifth edition


Safety Case is suitable to any field and  protecting any valuables at anywhere and any time .

Military:  Protecting and transporting guns and ammo, communication equipments, EOD medical, confidential paper, Weapons, etc;

Police and Judicial Organ: Protecting and transporting Criminal evidences, Confidential Paper, etc;

Bank & Financial Institutions: Protecting and transporting Currency, Confidential Bill/Note, etc;

Auction Agency & Personnel: Protecting and transporting Luxury Jewelry,  Painting,  Gold, Antique, etc;

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