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Fire and Rescue Cordless Compact Portable Scene light

May 22, 2020

Fire and Rescue Cordless Compact Portable Scene light

Scene lighting has become a very popular choice of fire-fighting equipment. What is scene lighting?

Scene lighting refers to the lighting system and lamps used to illuminate large-area scenes (such as fire, vehicle accidents or dangerous goods accidents).

When talking about fire and resuce services, we can't forget JGL portable scene lights. This cordless compact scene light up to 10000 lumens ! 

*brightness up to 10000 lumens

*360 degree or 180 degree light head adjustable

*Flood to Spot in 0.1 second

*portable and easy carry

*deploys easily in 30 seconds

Max Height can extended 2.74m

More info:https://www.gzjgled.com/new-product_c19

Max Height can extended 1.85mm

More info:https://www.gzjgled.com/portable-10000lm-cordless-tripod-work-light_p362.html

Max Height can extended 2m

More info:https://www.gzjgled.com/emergency-portable-light-108w-rechargeable-fire-scene-lighting-5jg-rls108w-512722_p58.html


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