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Rechargeable And Cordless Design 160w Remote Area Lighting from JGL

Military and Police is an evolution .From law enforcement to military outdoor training activities , JGL portable lights increase safety and convenience for Military and Police personnel .

Maybe you have already seen the new remote area light in a trade show or on the Internet,but you don’t know how to choose the remote area light. One very important point is High brightness . And the other is the light must better beyond your ordinary halogen flashlight or old-school incandescent foggy lighting. JGL 160w remote area work light use the Cree led and the light can reach 9000 Lumens .

JGL Portable lighting has become a standard technology to light to light up Military and Police rescue site.From small car accident , technical rescue, to the tunnel maintenance, to search and rescue operations in earthquake or flood disaster areas. 160w Remote Area Lighting ensure the quickest, most efficient and safest rescue work possible.

What makes the JGL Remote area work light popular in fire departments ,police departments,EMS and Rescue Team?

JGL Remote area work light is very easy to carry and ensures better lighting conditions than conventional light or work lights.

Beam Spread 360 Degrees Clear visibility has greatly increased the  safety and work efficiency for everyone involved.

Waterproof IPX5 The 160w remote work light can use in rain.
JGL Have our own engineers and equipment, understanding of foreign standards and Proactive in product development.

High/Middle/Low/SOS Switch different operating modes, which means you can adjust it to your setting depending on the environment.

JGL produce high quality light wherever needed. more product make online search gzjgled.com

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