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Handheld Spotlights

Handheld Spotlights

Hunting in the daytime is a pleasant pastime.Hunt at night, on the other hand, filled with the experience of the unique charm, different from hunting in the day.Nighttime hunting can be more efficient if you are hunting a predator or animals are more active at night.In this regard, a spotlight is a necessary tool for hunting in the dark. JGL Handheld spotlights for hunting offer a wide range of rugged applications.

Best Handheld Spotlight - Buying Tips


A spotlight typically has to be very bright but depending on your needs, brightness may be another consideration. because you have to be in a wider perspective and see all the details.However, there are spotlights that are way too bright making visibility even worse than when it is dark.Most of the time, handheld spotlights could generate more than 300 lumens.

LED: LED handheld spotlights use light-emitting diodes, which tend to be more energy efficient than traditional lights.
Halogen: This is the more traditional choice. A halogen lamp contains a filament, much like a typical incandescent bulb.

The spotlight has all kinds of shapes and sizes;Larger might be a little heavy, it depends on who is using them and how to use them.Think about how you plan to use your spotlight: if you're going to carry, when you walk in the woods, perhaps a smaller, more portable models would be in your best interests.

Color filter is an ideal choice for special purposes, when you choose a spotlight,  it’s a factor you might consider.They are useful for predator hunting. For example,A red light allows you to keep more natural vision.Many hunters found the red light is a good idea.Green brighter and will generally show darker animals easier.Standard white light can be used for hunting purposes, it is better to use more soft light to illuminate an area, than light a super bright spotlight.

About the JGL handheld spotlights
1.ON/OFF switch for operator comfort and durability
2.Weather-proof, dust-proof, corrosion-proof and shock-proof. 

High quality handheld spotlights Ideal for hunting, fishing, boating, camping, security, military and police,Emergency services, driving lights, trucks, cars, utilities, agricultural, rally cars,surveillance and the observation of nocturnal animals.

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