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Best Powerful Remote Area Lighting System

Nov 16, 2018

Remote Area Lighting System

You can buy a good product according to your needs in the market, but because of the different performance of different products, the role played in the process is also different. So, before you choose a product, you need to have a full understanding of the relevant performance needs, in order to better choose. JGL Remote Area Lighting System Light distribution is uniform to meet the requirement of short-distance working lighting and long-distance projection lighting.
The imported LED light source has high luminous efficiency and long life.
The telescopic rod is made of high-strength gold-containing material, which is reliable and durable, and the lamp head can be rotated at multiple angles.
Quickly assembled in 60 seconds, lightweight,with pull rod, tug, can be carried by oneself.
High quality battery, saving cost, power display, low battery warning.
No noise, no fuel, high safety; no pollution.

Remote Area Lighting System Generally used in a variety of indoor and outdoor workplaces, night outdoor operations, disaster relief, road maintenance,Emergency lighting and other fields. Coal industry, petrochemical, electric power,metallurgy, railway, steel, ship, aviation Days, public security firefighting, road construction, government departments and large-scale enterprise lighting needs.

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