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Our Customers Do Waterproof Test For Handheld Spotlight

Apr 06, 2018

What does IP stand for?
IP is an acronym "Ingress Protection". It is a measurement of the protection an item will have against solid objects (dust, sand, dirt, etc.) and liquids.
An IP rating is comprised of 2 numbers. The first number refers to the protection against solid objects (dust, etc) and the second number refers to protection against liquids.

What do you need the IP rating?
If you don’t anticipate a harsh environment that is extremely dusty,the lower level of IP is enough.
In places that will be a lot of dust and debris or may come into contact with any solid or liquid, you need to ensure that IP level is high, and you have enough waterproof and waterproof.
JGL all led light will do the Test IP65 .

IP65 - IP rated as "dust tight" and protected against water projected from a nozzle.

The picture is our customer comes to the factory to make a waterproof test for the handheld spotlight
waterproof handheld spotlight

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