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Newest Cordless Industry Portable Scene Light

Mar 06, 2018

Newest Cordless Industry Portable Scene Light

What is scene lighting?
Scene lighting equipment does as the name suggests: it illuminates a large geographical area (e.g., the entire scene of a motor vehicle crash with patient extrication in progress).
The definition of “scene” depends on industry. For example, for those in fire, rescue, and public safety, a scene is the whole area involved in an accident or incident or training event. A light deployed to illuminate such a scene should make visible everyone involved, not just one or two first responders.
JGL Industry Portable Scene Light is an industrial-duty, rechargeable, completely portable high lumen led light,both spot and flood beams into one light for wide spread and long distance illumination, from wide open places to tight, confined spaces.Industry Portable Scene Light brings 10000 lumens to your work area.telescoping pole and rotating head extend to an overall height of 9ft.Rapidly deployed and easily stowedthis light goes almost anywhere,Industry Portable Scene Light is a self-contained portable scene light. It's compact, easy to transport, and needs no cords or generators. This makes it easy to move and permissible to use indoors or outdoors .

Rapidly deployed and easily stowed,great for accident scenes, field maintenance, constructions sites and more.

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