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New design Portable lights with tripod for emergency , construction , railway maintenance

Sep 28, 2017

Portable lights with tripod for emergency , construction , railway maintenance

When you need a rechargeable led work light to work by that's portable and easy to use, the JGL portable lights  will meet all your needs.Portable lighting is one of the most important tool you can have, choosing the right type of portable light source is very important.  Portable mobile lighting LED light use LED technology ,is the latest innovation in the emergency lighting industry.allowing you meet theregulations and provide the highest standard of emergency lighting.

More information about  JGL new design portable lights with tripod

JGL Lighting systems are self-contained and highly portable, truly free maintenance, noiseless operation, and does not require external generators.There is no cable trip, no noise.

Intelligent power display
Bluetooth APP control
180 degree & 360 degree illumination
Combine tripod and case , more stable
12V rechargeable lithium battery
Easy carry & change spot to flood
With 12V socket & USB port
Waterproof rubber activation switch
Mast extension lock

Portable lighting solutions for: Site & Construction Lighting , Emergency & Rescue Services,Local Authorities & Municipal Councils, Railway & Airport Maintenance,Highway & Roadworks Maintenance Car Mechanics & Workshops,Industries,Law enforcement (roadblocks, etc),Military & police.

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