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For the LED LIGHT .Why the customer's test result is different form us?

Jan 11, 2018

For the  LED LIGHT .Why the customer's test result is different form us?

The first is the system error, this error is within the allowable range, each  test system  may be inconsistent, there is a certain error. Traditional lamps of the error is within 1.5% even qualified products, but the standard LED lamps have not standardized, the industry of the permissible error range of LED lamps are more fuzzy, generally between 3% and 5% qualified.

The second is the environmental error, lighting environment and surface pollution will have a great impact on the test results,the magnitude of the error can reach 7% -8%,especially some smooth out and make the secondary optical lens surface products.Because these products have a concave and convex structure, easy to fouling and not easy to clean up, thus seriously affecting the luminous flux and further affect the light distribution.

The third is the equipment and standard error, the conventional equipment needed to detect the lamp is mainly integrating sphere, distributed photometer and optical radiation detection equipment, these devices were used to measure the luminous flux, light distribution and photobiological safety. Among them, the optical radiation detection is directed against the EU's UV content detection and the US Energy Star requirements of the blue, infrared energy detection. Due to the lack of national standards and testing standards, making the use of testing centers around the test methods, testing equipment and the introduction of different testing standards, resulting in the enterprise of the same product in different inspection agencies appear different test results.

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