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China International Military Police Equipment and Anti-terrorist Expo

Jan 11, 2018

China International Military Police Equipment and Anti-terrorist Expo

The China (Beijing) International Exhibition on Police Equipment and Anti-Terrorism Technology and Equipment (CIPATE) is jointly organized by the China Association for Science and Technology and Beijing Municipal Public Security Bureau.China (Beijing) International Exhibition and Symposium on Police Equipment and Anti Terrorism Technology and Equipment , established an international science and technology exchange platform for public security, judicial, national security, armed police and army system.

Exhibits Range:Police vehicle, helicopter, ship (boat) series,Criminal detecting equipment,Security checking and platoon explodes (remove explosive material),Technique detect equipment,Computer & communication,Safe protection equipment,Guns weapon,Security technical equipment,Office equipment.....

JGL portable lights, security light , emergency light are perfect for large and small jobs, power outages, and outdoor events,emergency & rescue services ,military & police.
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